Call for Proposals PECC-1

The application has beed closed

Welcome to the Application Platform for PECC - The Nordic Council of Minister’s and NEFCO’s joint Programme for Environment and Climate Co-operation!

The purpose of the Programme for Environment and Climate Co-operation is to contribute directly to an improved status for the environment and climate in North-West Russia and indirectly to improvements in the Nordic and Baltic countries and the whole Barents Region by supporting relevant projects at regional and local level in North-West Russia.

Financing can be granted to partnerships between relevant Nordic institutions, organisations or authorities on the regional or municipal level and their corresponding qualified partners located in North-West Russia. Selected proposals may receive grant financing from EUR 30,000 to EUR 200,000.

Funding in the form of grants is available for building networks, disseminating information, improving capacity, and investing in equipment, technology and infrastructure within the fields of renewable energy sources, energy savings and improved energy efficiency, cleaner production and sustainable consumption, sustainable city and land-use planning and protection of nature.

The total amount of funding for the programme is EUR 1.1 million, funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM) and the Barents Hot Spots Facility (BHSF), a fund administered by NEFCO. The NCM contributes DKK 6 million, and EUR 300,000 is allocated from the BHSF.

The PECC-1 Call for Proposal is open until 15 May 2017. Any questions must be submitted by 12 April. All details are available in the Guidelines for Applicants.

The Guidelines are available in English and Russian, and there will be an additional explanatory document referring to this Application Platform in Russian.

Applications may be submitted via this Platform by registered Applicants only. An Applicant can submit no more than three different proposals. Applications should be submitted in the English language.

If there is an apparent discrepancy of any kind related to the facts and instructions in this on-line application system and the Guidelines, the Guidelines shall take precedence. However, in such case the Applicant is encouraged to notify NEFCO at, and to ask for clarifications in the form of a question as outlined in Section 6 in the Guidelines!